Navy Lodge in FPO, CU - Navy Lodge

Navy Lodge Guantanamo Bay
Naval Station

PSC 1005 BOX 38 Bldg. 2128
FPO, CU 09593
Tele: 757-458-3103 | Email: navylodge.guantanamobay@nexweb.org

After Hours Check-In Instructions

Welcome to the Navy Lodge Guantanamo Bay

We are located on US Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. All personnel not assigned to visit US Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, must have permission from the Commanding Officer (Commander) to visit US Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. For detailed information about US Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, go to: http://www.cnic.navy.mil/Guantanamo/index.htm.

Navy Lodge Guantanamo Bay is conveniently located to family resources such as: Personnel Support Detachment (PSD), Housing Office, Personnel Property, Commissary/Navy Exchange, Car Rental, WIC and MWR. Some of the Installation activities include Bowling, Gym, Golf, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, and Movie Theater.

Financial Institutions on Base are Community Bank (Bank of America), Navy Federal Credit Union and Western Union.

Local Restaurants include: Bayview Club, Cuban Club, Windjammer Club, Jerk House, O'Kelly's, McDonald's, Subway, Taco Bell and Triple B.

Other entertainment options include the: Ricks Lounge and Tiki Bar.

Accessible beaches include: Family Beach, Cable Beach, Glass Beach, Windmill Beach, Hidden Beach, Blue Beach, Cuzco Beach, Niknik Beach, and Ferry Landing Beach.

Guantanamo Bay is rich in history. If you have time you will want to check out the Light House Museum and experience the Northeast Gate Tour.

Reminder: All visitors must have permission/approval from the Commanding Officer along with orders and a sponsor in order to gain access to this installation.

Complimentary Breakfast